Disasters injure and kill millions of animals each year. This current crisis with Covid-19 has left many elephants in Thailand without any income for nutrition and health care. The Thai Asian Elephant population is down to 4000, about half of those roam free in National parks and the other half are domesticated animals taken care of by their owners. After the ban on wood logging most of these animals got a job in Tourism, this brought income to their owners to feed them. When disasters hit, elephants experience the same terrible effects as people: injury, starvation, thirst, displacement, illness and stress. We are currently in cooperation with the Elephant owners in Surin on a project called adopt an elephant, where your donation will basically feed them during these difficult times. A seperate donation on our agenda is the Elephant Doctor funds, which will be used for any of the 300 Elephants in Surin that need medical attention.

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What We Are Doing

EMERGENCY COVID 19 CURRENT PROJECT: We help the Elephants in Surin to get their daily food allowance
WEF Goal
We end the needless suffering of the Elephants
Connecting people
We inspire people to change animals’ lives for the better
Land Projects
Our goal is to provide land to grow crops and a new Elephant Coral to let the animals roam free and enjoy their life instead of working in the tourism industry.

More than 3,000 elephants used as entertainers in Asia face endless suffering. Sadly this number is rising. Tell the tourism industry you won’t stand for elephant cruelty.

We provide food, water, medical care, and other emergency assistance to elephants in need and help animal owners in disaster prone areas.