Donating money to a great cause can save an elephant today!

Donating money to a great cause can save an elephant today!

Donating money to a great cause can save an elephant today!

The importance of elephants in the natural ecosystem cannot be underestimated as they play a significant role in its overall maintenance. It is no wonder many conservationists are working round the clock to keep elephants alive while preserving their natural habitat. The World Elephant Foundation has taken the lead in saving elephants by helping out in Surin. The idea is to allow elephants to roam freely while being protected from those targeting them for monetary gain.

Currently, the foundation is taking care of eighteen elephants of both male and female genders. The elephants are aged between two years and thirty years and are being catered for at Elephant Village in Surin. However, the management relies on donations from well-wishers to keep the elephants well fed. The WEF is always on the lookout for elephant enthusiasts, school organizations, and companies to support their work by giving food that will be used to feed elephants in need. The goal set for each elephant is $500, with donations of any amount being accepted by the foundation to help support elephants. 

Another way in which the World Elephant Foundation supports elephants is by seeking help through partnerships with larger companies that would like to save elephants. The Hands Off Elephant Conservation camp in Surin requires $200,000 to be completed and ready to be inhabited by different types of elephants. The money received will be used in the purchase of land that will host the habitat and be used to keep these large mammals safe at all times. The safe environment guarantees the elephants a hygienic environment by assures the animals of clean bathing water. Donations of varying amounts from corporate companies are welcome and can be sent over weekly, monthly, and yearly depending on the company budget.

Ultimately, saving elephants starts with one person or organization that decides to support existing companies like World Elephant Foundation. If you would like to donate to the needy cause of feeding elephants by sending in your contribution, reach out to the team and find out the best way to donate. 

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