The Somboon Legacy Foundation

Our organization was founded by Agnes Tammenga on the 13th of March 2019, Thailand’s National Elephant Day. We officially opened for visitors in August 2019.

Our team founded Somboon Legacy Foundation as they together had 14 years of experience setting up a sanctuary.

They had improved the lives of the elephants there immensely, but, when the owners saw how much money it brought in, they no longer prioritized the elephant’s care.


Our team decided it was time for a change in the animal tourism industry, and founded Somboon Legacy Foundation.


To make sure that our beautiful elephants could live their well deserved stress-free life, we have decided to enforce a hands-off approach. Which means visitors can not touch the elephants, with our visitors we stay at a distance of about 20 meters so that we don’t disturb them.

 We are a Non-Government Organization (NGO), that takes care of old, ill, handicapped, and rescued elephants.

Currently, we are taking care of two beautiful elephants, both in their sixties.

Our purpose is to rescue and rehabilitate elephants from a life of stress and cruel exploitation.   

We are proud to act on our words:  Elephants are not used for our entertainment, we respect them and treat them with the care they deserve.

Our elephants walk freely in nature, grazing as they would in the wild. They are not forced to participate in any activities that could cause stress to them.

Elephants are wild animals, not pets.

Education is very important for us, therefore we have created a unique interactive elephant museum.  This education center is a place for young and old to enjoy, and follows the journey through history and the current situation of captive and wild elephants.

‘Education is the most powerful tool, to change the world’-Nelson Mandela

Covid-19 situation

As Thailand is on lockdown and the international flights have been suspended, the tourist industry has completely shut down.

This unfortunately means zero income for most elephant sanctuaries, parks & camps.

 Unfortunately, since we are just a starting foundation, it’s difficult to get the support we need.

Our old elephants need to be fed their specialized diet, as they have poor digestion. They also can’t go without their mahouts, our heroes.

We keep on taking the best care of our elephants, but we need to ask you for help with funding.

You can fund us in the general funds below or adopt one of our Elephants.

Prai Malee

Prai Kam moon

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