The Surin Habitat Project

$5,900 of $200,000 raised

We are planning to acquire some land to build a habitat as a conservation grounds where the Elephants can enjoy a secure area where they will be able to roam freely and enjoy bathing in water and mud. We are asking for your help in raising funds to purchase this land.

It is very important for us to be able to release the Elephants in a safe environment where they can socially live together and maintain a healthy hygiene by access to clean water for bathing.

Elephants are very dependent on water, not only for drinking but also for their skin and general hygiene.

Wild elephants still today enjoy a daily bath if it’s possible, and they should be showered daily in captivity. Apart from the hygienic point of view, elephants need a daily shower for their skincare, and it’s not only of physical value but its also important for their mental well-being, especially for bulls in captivity.

We would like to maintain this Camp, and we will need your help in the daily tasks of feeding, welfare and ​general condition of the Elephants.

With each donation, you will receive a certificate of sponsorship of the Surin Habitat Project.



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