The Asian Elephant is dying from malnourishment due to COVID-19

The Asian Elephant is dying from malnourishment due to COVID-19


A current issue due to the COVID-19 outbreak is not only humans are suffering, but the Asian Elephant in Thailand, Myanmar and Laos face huge problems with the lack of tourism in their countries. These tourist dollars used to feed thousands of Elephants, and they have lost their meal ticket. The owners are in financial distress by the costs of feeding sometimes a hundred animals that eat 200 to 390 Kilograms of food per day. This required a huge amount of investment and the funds are running out.
The World Elephant Foundation has launched a donation website where elephant owners can register their animals to receive funding.

We currently are working with 15 elephants in Surin and plan to add more, so we like to reach out to all elephant owners that are in trouble to register their Elephants to our project. We can help the owners by making a donation and keep up a healthy diet for these creatures by buying them a variety of nutritious fruits and vegetables. A doctor fund is also set up for those in need if any needs urgent medical attention.

We are afraid that the owners will bring back their elephants to illegal logging or any other hard labor work as they are desperate for help but cannot receive any aid. Most governments at the moment don’t have the time or funds to help them out as they are now facing a big crisis covering the stop of the spread of this virus. The countries that can apply for registration are Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, and Myanmar.

For more information contact the World Elephant Foundation
Tel: +66869777027

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